Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a very common problem, and sometimes we do not realise that it is happening to us. It can happen to anyone! Many people in an emotionally abusive relationship feel like they are not being hurt physically, so they are not being abused, but emotional abuse can seriously damage emotional health, causing clinical anxiety, depression, lowered self-worth and an extreme lack of self-esteem. Signs of emotional abuse in a relationship include: your partner tries to control you – limiting your contact with family and friends, wanting to know where you are at all times, asking you to constantly account for your whereabouts., ridiculing you, or making you the butt of jokes.¬†Abusive partners belittle your dreams and aspirations, they constantly criticise and blame you – telling you that you are solely to blame for the problems in the relationship, and that you are the cause of their unhappiness. They feel they are always right, that they know best, the result is that while you were once confident, you know feel incapable. Your don’t recognise the person you have become.¬†You feel like you are ‘walking on egg shells.’