Section 47 Reports

Section 47 Reports. Sometimes, when a family is engaged in a Court process, perhaps because of a separation or an issue regarding custody or access, the Court can request that a Section 47 Assessment Report be carried out, in order to determine what the best interest of the child or children are. This process can be a difficult one for both parents and children. What is most important in this process, is that everyones voice, both children and adults is heard. Family therapy training is very helpful in this regard, as it recognises the dynamics and alliances within families, and how family members may be influenced by and influence each other.

A Section 47 Report involves meeting with parents individually, meeting with children individually, meeting with parents and children. Liaising with teachers and school counsellors, and interviewing grandparents, step-siblings and other extended family members that may have a significant involvement in the child’s life.